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Page history last edited by Sylvia Neely 7 years, 5 months ago
  Material  9/30/2013 Location --in possession of    
  Weather-stripping and sealing supplies         
  Weather strip tape narrow  several partially used  Sylvia Neely     
  Weather strip tape wide  several partially used  Sylvia Neely      
  Weather strip foam tape 3/16 x 3/4 x 17 ft 3      
  Weather strip foam tape 3/16 x 3/8 x 17 ft. 2      
  Foaming sealant  Great Stuff - window/door 8 Sylvia Neely     
  Foaming sealant Great Stuff - Gaps and Cracks 3      
  Foaming sealant Great Stuff - Big Gap filler 5      
  Rope Caulk  ACE 52515 Sylvia Neely     
  Kitchen/Bathroom Caulk  Dap Sylvia Neely      
  Miscellaneous caulk several partially used William Blum    
  Window & Door caulk - clear- regular tube
  Window & Door caulk - white - regular tube
  Window insulation kits 4 pack 0      
  Window insulation kits 6 pack 0 Sylvia Neely     
  Window insulation kits 9 pack

Parts of 2

Sylvia Neely      
  Door jam 4 Sylvia Neely      
  Window Air Conditioner Seal 2 large, 1 small Sylvia Neely      
  Window Air Conditioner Cover 0      
  Patio Door insulation Kit 1      
  Rubber Tape Weatherstripping (different sizes) 3      
  Caulk Backing 3/8 in. 2      
  CFLs (60 Watt equivalent)        
  Power strips 1 Sylvia Neely     
  CO detector 0 Sylvia Neely      
  Outlet seals pack 0 Sylvia Neely     
  Programmable Thermostat 2 Sylvia Neely      
  Electricity Use Monitor 1 Sylvia Neely      
  Outlet timer 2 Sylvia Neely      
  Construction materials        
  Lumber 1x2x8  3 Sylvia Neely      
  Screws (2" Wood, 100 count)        
  Staple Gun Wood Staples (Size T50)        
  Nails, box of 1 Sylvia Neely      
  Sink aerators  1.5 gpm  8 Sylvia Neely    
  Sink aerators (dual thread) 5 Sylvia Neely     
  Low-flow showerhead        
  Pipe insulation (1/2"x6')



Sylvia Neely 

William Blum 

  Pipe insulation (3/4"x6')



Sylvia Neely

William Blum  

  T-pipe insulation (3/4") 2 Sylvia Neely      

Dust masks

  Tape - Assorted types, some partially used 4 Sylvia Neely     
  roll of R13 insulation 1 William Blum    
  Plastic sheeting - extra heavy duty - large roll 1      
  Plastic sheeting - heavy duty - 1      


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