Winter updates 2011

February, 2011


National Preach-In on Global Warming, Feb 11-13, 2011


The national Interfaith Power and Light (IPL)  is sponsoring a nation-wide preach in to raise awareness on climate change, the weekend of Feb. 11. PA-IPL and the  Creation Care Coalition of Centre County encourage local places of worship to use this opportunity to help their members understand how addressing climate change is a matter of faith.

To receive more information and resources register at the IPL website


Send a letter to your elected officials

As part of this weekend's events, the Pennsylvania affiliate of Interfaith Power and Light is writing to our senators in Washington to urge them to continue the protections of our air and water and to push for strong legislation to curb global warming.  This year in particular, after the damaging weather that we have experienced throughout the world and the rising cost of food that has resulted, we are all mindful of the harmful effects that a changing climate will have on the least among us. Download a letter and please distribute it widely to your friends and associates, asking them to return it to the address given.  All signed letters will be hand delivered to our senators in DC.  Thank you for your efforts to protect God's creation.


Additionally, individuals and green teams can foster discussion and action at their places of worship by:



Having an informal gathering of congregation members or friends to share how they personally steward the earth.  The Creation Care Coalition held one of these in the fall, and we were all really inspired at what people are already doing, and the shared information gave us all new ideas and energy.


Tend and Sustain it Forever Spring schedule

The Tend and Sustain it Forever programs offered by the Department of Jewish Studies continue at Penn State this spring with some thought-provoking lectures by Jewish scholars.


“What Should ‘Kosher’ Mean?: The Agriprocessors Story”

Nathaniel Popper, New York Business Correspondent of the Los Angeles Times


As a young reporter for the largest Jewish newspaper in the United States, the Forward, Nathaniel Popper broke the story of Agripocessors in Postville, Iowa, at that time the largest producer of kosher meat in the world. Through months of careful coverage, Popper detailed mistreatment of the plant’s workers and illegal practices in the slaughter of animals. His reports stunned the American Jewish community--kosher slaughter is supposed to be practiced so as to cause minimal  pain and suffering--and prompted an ongoing reevaluation of what ‘Kosher’ should mean in food production.


 20th Annual Farming the Future Conference

"Strength from Our Roots: Claiming Our Food-System Future"

Organized by the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture
Feb 2 - 5  Penn Stater Conference Center



Free Do-it-Yourself Weatherization Workshop

Wed Feb. 9 from 6 pm to 8:30 at Sun Area Technical Institute in New Berlin, PA. Click here for the flier.



Community and Small Wind Energy Conference - Mid Atlantic Region - Feb. 8-9

Organized by Windustry
Feb 8 - 9  Penn Stater Conference Center
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