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Online Resources

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Climate Change Web Sites


Reliable Sources on Climate Change 

     Prof. Raymond Najjar of Penn State has provided a  list of reliable online sources for learning about climate change.


Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air by David MacKay.

A physics professor at Cambridge University provides quantitave approach to what can be done to move to sustainable energy.  His example is Great Britain, but principles can be applied elsewhere.  Wonderful charts and illustrations.  Read online or download.


Climate Change in Pennsylvania: Impacts and Solutions for the Keystone State

     A 2008 study by the Union of Concerned Scientists and independent scientists and economists provides an in-depth look at the potential consequences of climate change in Pennsylvania and the opportunities available today to reduce heat-trapping emissions in the state


Climate Ethics

     Prof. Donald Brown of the Rock Ethics Institute at Penn State has created this site to address the ethical implications of climate change.


Three good sites on glaciers:









     An essential site for understanding the science of climate change.  Lots of interesting discussions, much of it quite technical, that shows how scientists approach the issues.  On the right of the screen is an index to further information.  The site also has many links to other sources.


United Nations IPCC Fourth Assessment Report

     This report was published in 2007 by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  The science was updated in a more recent report prepared for the Copenhagen meeting and entitled the Copenhagen Diagnosis.


Response to Global Warming Skeptics

     This site provides a table with arguments used by those who deny global warming in the first column and the current scientific evidence on the subject in the second column.


1958 TV clip on Global Warming

     YouTube clip from 1958 directed by Frank Capra warns of dangers of global warming.  Scientists have been aware of the problem for a long time.


The Daily Climate

Guide to news about climate change from media sources throughout the world.  Updated every day.




Consumer Sites


Good Guide --  This on-line guide lets you type in a product name and then it provides a wealth of information on the product and its manufacturer on its impact on people's health, the environment and society. It's compiled by a number of researchers and scientists. You can  buy products through the site -- which is how it makes its money.


Green America --This is another place to search out  greener, more eco-friendly and more just businesses.  Green America, formerly called Co-Op America, includes among its resources a directory of businesses dedicated to socially just and environmentally sustainable principles. According to their website their mission is "to harness economic power—the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace—to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society".


Buy Fresh. Buy Local. -- Is buying locally grown food part of your action plan for caring for creation? The Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture provides this searchable listing of local farms.


Educational Tools and Sites


Carbon Rally -- Check out this amazing page for personal and group challenges that reduce your carbon footprint. Take them on individually or compete with other groups.  


Carbon Calculators online:


     Empowerment Institute -- many resources and books, including an excellent online carbon calculator.


     Carbon Calculator from Environmental Protection Agency with calculations on how to reduce emissions


Northwest Earth Institute study guides and discussion groups -- This site provides a number of short 6 to 8 week seminars that can be arranged for small groups. Books cost about $20. Includes discussion guides and more.


The Story of Stuff -- This  little  video provides an entertaining and easy to understand explanation of the origins and destination of all the stuff in our waste stream.  Does Annie Leonard know what she's talking about?  A copy of the script with footnotes is available on the SOS website.


Speaking of Faith -- this American Public Media program has incredible podcasts on all sorts of topics. Listen to host Krista Tippett's interview with Bill McKibben on the Moral Math of Climate Change and scroll the page for additional pieces on climate change and faith.


Faith Traditions Respond


Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life

London Islamic Network for the Environment

The Yale Project on Climate Change  links to Christian responses.


Taking Action


Pennsylvania Interfaith Power and Light

Our own state affiliate of the national organization listed below. 

Encourage your congregation to join and join yourself as an individual member.


Interfaith Power and Light

A religious response to global warming

Great resources, including on-line store.


Facebook page

for group organizing a Pennsylvania chapter of Interfaith Power and Light.





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